BioClean: Bioactive Cleaning Systems

The bioactive cleaning systems developed by NanoCraft Coating GmbH use the self-organizing property of specially developed nano- or biopolymers to form functional layers in the nanometer range. They are characterized by high functionality and protection quality, free of chrome/metal and nanoparticles. Of course we do not use any toxins such as Trichlosan, As, Pb, Tl, Cd, Hg, cyanides or halogens.

BioClean – thorough, semi-permanent and bioactive cleaning

The BioClean series, which has an antibacterial and fungicidal effect based on natural active ingredients, is characterised not only by its high cleaning effect but also by the fact that it leaves a nanoscale, long-lasting bacterial and fungal growth-inhibiting functionalisation on the cleaned surface. The BioClean series contains biocompatible active ingredients from naturally renewable resources. Bacterial inhibition is 99.9% and fungal inhibition 99%.

Naturally, the products of the BioClean series are available as a concentrate as well as a ready-to-use solution and can be used both in daily household use and with the use of machines.

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