An Innovative Product Portfolio – Protection, Refinement and Functionalisation of Surfaces


Patented nanocoatings for the functionalisation of surfaces. Our coatings, which are only a few nanometers thick, are used by private users, small and medium-sized companies and large industry.

An overview of the available and/or customer-specific developed products for the areas of jewellery and fashion, electroplating, technical applications, metal processing industry can be found on our overview page for nanocoatings.





The list of our BioCoatings products is constantly being expanded as we are a research-based company. We currently offer antibacterial coatings and antibacterial cleaning systems as well as their additives. Customer-specific developments are also already on the market.

Click here for an overview of our biocoatings.





AFM Tips / Probes

As a specialist for atomic force microscopy and developer of Chemical Force Microscopy (CFM), we offer our customers not only service analysis in this field but also the production of modified AFM measuring probes/tips. You can choose from a wide range of products or make customer-specific adjustments.