Innovative Protection, Cleaning and Functionalization Systems for Surfaces


jewellery NanoCraftPatented antittarnish systems which are available both on water and solvent basis. Our protective systems have a long-lasting effect against oxidation and sulfonation of silver, gold, bronze and brass surfaces. The anti-tarnish systems with permanent protection are used in the jewellery industry on almost all common metals and alloys.

Our products are available for large industry, medium and small goldsmiths as well as for jewellery and art shops and private users.

The anti-tarnish systems are supplemented by specific products for cleaning and blackening silver and silver alloys.

You can also find more information on the following page: Applications for jewellery.


Galvanic / Electroplating

Galvanic NanoCraftAn galvanic/electroplating application of our water-based anti-tarnish systems for silver surfaces and antioxidant systems is mainly used in the industrial production of the jewellery and fashion industry.

Galvanic/electroplating can be used to achieve a specific protective effect and/or functionalisation as well as surface refinement for almost all metals used in the jewellery sector.

Further information is also available on the following page: Galvanic applications.


 Nanocoating for technical applications

technical application NanoCraftFor technical applications, functional layers can be adjusted and adapted to customer-specific requirements.

Conductive and solderable tarnish and oxidation protection systems are produced for various metals and materials in the electronics, microelectronics and semiconductor industries, for example as PCB, LED frame, contact plugs and others.

Further information can also be found on the following page: Coatings for technical applications.


Metal processing industry

Industry NanoCraftFor the metal processing industry we can offer specialized solutions for cleaning, activation (chemical/plasma), passivation, bonding and surface conversion.
For surfaces susceptible to corrosion, standard solutions as well as customer-specific, permanent corrosion protection systems are available.

Further information on this subject can also be found on the following page on the metalworking industry.


Cleaning and activation

cleaning and activation NanoCraftSpecial cleaning solutions and cleaning methods have been developed for the areas listed above. In combination with the nanocoatings, the entire effectiveness unfolds.

Furthermore, product and process solutions (e.g. plasma cleaning) are available for the activation of “difficult” surfaces in the various areas of application.

For more information, see the Cleaning and Activation page below.